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Exclusive 7-Day Retreat to Transform Your Life in Conscious Connection

March 7-13, 2020 | Ubud, Bali

Blessings beautiful sister,

I welcome you to join my exclusive Humans on the Rise retreat in Bali for one week full of empowerment, self-love, healing, connection, freedom and adventure in paradise.

This retreat is for you if you:

  • Are on your journey to become the best version of yourself,

  • You're excited to explore yoga, movement and meditation,

  • Want to master the Law of Attraction and manifest your dream life into reality,

  • Want to learn how to embody your divine feminine energy to live a life where your desires become reality and learn how to integrate the sacred masculine energy to be successful in your relationship and business,

  • Are ready to experience the deep emotional healing through science-backed techniques like NLP

In this retreat, you will reconnect to your empowered state - mind, body, heart and soul.



  • Feeling so empowered so much that you ALWAYS choose to speak freely & do EXACTLY what you want.

  • Being so in tune with your inner guidance that you confidently say “no” to anything that is not aligned with your Truth.

  • Enjoying a life where other people’s opinions, judgement, shame, guilt and social expectations are merely a faint reminder of your past.

  • Realizing that the only thing that’s stopping you from pursuing your dreams are the limiting beliefs of OTHER PEOPLE…

Now imagine what it feels like to overcome your own limitations, once and for all.

Imagine being so courageous and free that you choose YOURSELF and YOUR dream and that there is absolutely nothing that can stop you.

Does that feel good and right to you?

Do you believe you deserve to be this empowered & FREE?

Empowerment is your birthright.

I want to see you rise.


Sisters, this isn't your typical Bali yoga retreat...


We're diving deep into awakening your highest potential, overcoming mental barriers, working with the Law of Attraction, learning the essential tools needed for successful manifestation and experiencing a deep liberation on all levels: mind, body, heart and soul.

We're going to work with the healing power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to reset our mind and experience deep psychological healing.

We're coming together in sisterhood and feeling the beauty of conscious connection. 

We're freeing ourselves of social expectations and the fear of other people's opinions.

We're going to overcome shame, guilt, insecurities, self-manipulation, negative self-talk and feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough. We're returning to our most natural state of self-love, ease, joy and freedom and balance through conscious relating.

And of course, we're going to have a lot of fun. Not only will we go to ecstatic dance (or simply dance everywhere all the time), we're going to explore this beautiful tropical island and find ourselves bathing in waterfalls, hiking through the famous rice terraces, cleansing ourselves in the sacred water temple Tirta Empul and hanging with monkeys in the sacred Monkey Forest.

This is going to be an epic week. 

Julia talks about her life-changing experience of our last retreat:

The Sanctuary

Our retreat will take place in Ubud, a lush paradise of lush rice paddies, chirping birds, and the fragrant smells of incense and flowers.

The retreat accommodation is a luxury eco-retreat center. You’ll rest in traditional hand-carved wooden Balinese bungalows that open directly to an ozone pool. 

Daily workshops will take place in the gorgeous bamboo yoga shala for a true healing experience in the arms of Mother Earth’s natural utopia.

The retreat center we're staying at is one of the most beautiful places here in Bali. It's located in a quiet area surrounded by the most stunning view of rice fields and tropical plants. The staff is super friendly and I promise, you'll feel so at home and won't want to leave.

Meet your Facilitators

Kris Haupenthal

NLP Practitioner & Transformational Self-Help Guide

Instagram: @kris_the_lioness

Your host for our Humans on the Rise retreat, a bestselling author and a transformational self-help guide who connects spirituality with a logical practical approach to help people overcome their limiting beliefs and return to their Truth. She teaches essential self-help tools (e.g. manifestation, mindset, shadow work, communication strategies, conscious relating, and NLP). Her work is all about empowerment of the individual to help you cultivate unapologetic self-love, rise above the story of your past and unlock your limitless potential.

The Team


Chris Fox

Movement & Presence

Instagram: @chrisfoxyoga

Chris Fox is a master of using biomechanics and (in)tension to teach students how to feel empowered and creative with movement & breath. His classes are fun and challenging in a simple and engaging way for all levels.

DSC_9781 copy.JPG

Daisy Clementine

Evolutionary Astrologist

Instagram: @flowersfordais_astrology

Daisy practices evolutionary astrology - which uncovers the souls lessons and evolution through the birth chart - including the unresolved karmic pattern you were born with, and how you may still be living out this habitual ‘shadow’ side.

Daisy graduated from the Sydney Astrology School in 2019, after 3 years of intensive study. She travels the world holding holistic workshops - using astrology as a tool for radical self-acceptance and feminine empowerment. 

Apart from that, we will be accompanied by an incredibly talented videographer during the retreat who will capture the memorable moments. This is also a beautiful chance for you to get professional photos and videos of yourself!

What's Included in the Experience


This is an all-inclusive retreat that covers all costs except for flight tickets. Everything is organized for you, including:

  • 7 days and 6 nights at a luxury retreat center

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • 2 vegan/vegetarian meals a day (brunch and dinner)

  • 1 restaurant visit at one of the best vegan restaurants in town

  • Daily yoga & movement classes

  • Daily meditation sessions

  • Adventure trips to waterfalls, rice terraces, monkey forest and sacred temples

  • 2 workshops hosted by Kris

  • 1 conscious relating workshop hosted by Kris and co-facilitator Chris Fox

  • 1 astrology workshop hosted by Daisy

  • Opening cacao ceremony

  • Closing fire ceremony

  • Women's circles

  • Ecstatic dance at Yoga Barn

  • Photoshoots and filming

  • Retreat content - photos, videos and the Aftermovie

  • BONUS: 1 massage per person at the retreat spa

  • BONUS: 1-on-1 NLP healing session with Kris



Overcome Limiting Beliefs

We'll be shedding everything that is no longer serving us to make room for what we really want. At the end of his workshop you'll be fully empowered, excited to see your limitless potential and shocked to realize how accessible your dream life actually is - with the right mindset - which we'll acquire together.


In this workshop you will learn the essential steps and tools you need for successful manifestation, the same tools that I used to manifest my dream life here in Bali. You'll deeply understand how to work with the Law of Attraction, and most importantly, how to integrate what you have learned into your everyday life. I wish for all of you to experience the abundance, love and fulfillment that you desire. You deserve it.


Conscious Relating

Innerstanding the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine

Explore the archetypes of the divine feminine & divine masculine to learn how to embody their energies to approach yourself & your relationships with presence & understanding. We will learn to consciously communicate openly without fear or shame, expressing our needs and desires in a safe way, to nourish our relationships with authenticity.

BONUS 1-on-1 NLP Healing Session

When we can access our unconscious mind, we can reprogram it with a new story of the reality we wish for. This allows us to move out of distortion and into a state of flow and alignment with our heart's desires.  NLP, or  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a science-based approach to accessing your unconscious mind through language & behavior.

This special 1-on-1 session with Kris, certified NLP practitioner, will help you release destructive thought patterns, unhealthy habits, past traumas and unaware manifestations that are not serving you.


Astrology Workshop 

The Moon Workshop is an opportunity for women to dive into self acceptance and love by reparenting the inner child to nourish themselves on the deepest level. You will learn how to use the moon  to honor the ‘darker’ parts of your past experience, and rewire your experience of love.

Sample Day

  • Morning Yoga & Movement Class

  • Meditation 

  • Healthy & delicious vegan/vegetarian brunch

  • Break - time for resting, sunbathing, swimming in the pool, connecting & chatting with one another, journal, reflect, dance, go for a walk in nature, meditate, getting a massage, go to town/the shops etc

  • Manifestation workshop by me

  • Adventure to waterfalls at sunset, taking beautiful photos, exploring Bali, having fun together

  • Vegan/vegetarian dinner & sitting together in the evening, having conversations, sharing about our journeys

  • Gratitude & reflection circle before going to bed

Join the Humans on the Rise Experience to...

  • Transform your mindset & your life into the one you’ve only dared to dream of… until now

  • Experience the healing energy of conscious connection, love, and compassion in sisterhood

  • Feel heard and seen in a safe space by a loving community

  • Explore the tropical paradise of Bali on exclusive excursions and fun adventures to waterfalls, rice terraces, the monkey forest and sacred water temples

  • Spend a week in close personal contact with Kris and her wonderful team of transformational experts, and connect about the deep, fun, profound, juicy, vulnerable and interesting topics you want to talk about

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and inner blockages like guilt, fear, shame, feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, unworthiness, lack of self-love

  • Feel empowered, connected, free and confident to choose YOURSELF and the life YOU really want to live

  • Receive the essential tools to live a sovereign, self-empowered life - these are your tools forever that you can work with by yourself after the retreat

Impressions from my last retreat


from my previous Retreat, Workshops and Coaching Sessions

“Kris' workshop about the Law of Attraction has changed my life. She managed to change my perspective so much that I finally see my limiting beliefs. Her tools have helped me work on overcoming my limitations. I feel more powerful and confident than ever before.“

- Kathrin


“Thanks to Kris’ Manifestation guide, I’ve manifested my dream job. I could not be happier. I was first sceptical if it works and now I have proof. I’m forever thankful for her work.“

- Mary

“I’ve been following Kris for a long time and seeing her journey and her authenticity has helped me so much on my own journey. She is such on inspiration for me to love myself as I am and live as I want to live instead of always stressing about what other people would think. I loved joining her workshop about manifestation and I can’t wait to come to another workshop or even her retreat.“ 

- Julia

“Kris made me feel so safe and comfortable to just be myself, to open up and to feel understood. Thank you for showing me the power of vulnerability and for helping me heal and love myself more.“

- Miriam


"Kris is like a best friend in person. I didn’t feel any hierarchy when I met her and learned from her. I loved that she didn’t make us feel like students but like sisters and that we could all share our stories without filters. Being together with her and other like-minded souls was so healing and encouraging for me. I’m grateful I had the chance to experience her workshop.“

- Rahel

“Wow! Seriously. Kris has such a positive uplifting energy and I felt like I was in a bubble of bliss just by being around her. She has a lot of knowledge about changing your mindset and spirituality and I love how she looks at things from a logical perspective that just makes so much sense. After listening to her work, I’ve felt like I could achieve anything in life. I will definitely come to another event of hers, hopefully soon.“

- Olivia


Kaitlyn shares her positive experience of our last retreat:

Dear Sister...

I'm beyond excited to get to know you in person, to hear your story, to hug you, to laugh, cry, dance, learn, grow and evolve together. Vulnerability and close connection are so encouraged. 

I promise, I'll make the first move and show myself raw, unfiltered, fully authentic and imperfect. You'll feel super safe and understood. :)

I'm here as your friend, your guide, your sister and anything in between. I can't wait to share my years of manifestation experience with you so you can create the life of your DREAMS.

Let’s spend an unforgettable week together in paradise.

You deserve it.

Questions? Send me an email to kristhelioness@outlook.com