About me


Hey beautiful,

I'm Kris

and I'm excited that you're here!

I'm a transformational Women's Mentor. I've been working with women from all over the world for over 3 years, 1 on 1 and in groups, both online and in person, in individual coaching, workshops and international retreats. 

I'm a practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and licensed to practice Hypnotherapy and I am currently in training to become a Psychological Consultant. 

I have been on my own journey of personal development for nearly 6 years, diving deep into Psychology, Spirituality, Mindfulness and embodied Leadership.

My speciality is Shadow Work. I have not only experienced its powerful healing properties myself, but I've witnessed many times how much deep positive transformation and growth it has provided for my clients.

Working with women and supporting them on their journey of empowerment is my biggest passion. I believe in sisterhood with all my heart, and in our ability to RISE together and lift the collective feminine consciousness to a whole new level of empowerment and liberation.

It is my pleasure to assist you on your personal purpose path and help you to embody your most authentic self and your Truth in order to live the life you've always wanted to live.

I'm cheering you on.

You're worth it.

All my love to you,


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Some impressions of my work

My Humans on the Rise Retreat in Bali 2020


Feedback to my Humans on the Rise Retreat

My Divine Empowerment Retreat in Bali 2019

One of my Manifestation Workshop in Berlin 2019