a self-paced coaching journey into sovereign womanhood


For the women who are tired of playing it small and ready to embody their most empowered selves.

Is this you?

  • You are ready to unapologetically stand in your power

  • You are ready to commit to doing the inner work and support yourself properly on your journey of self-liberation

  • You are ready to take self-responsibility and step into self-leadership

  • You are ready to feel confident within yourself and your body

  • You are ready to feel strong and clear in your boundaries

  • You are ready to deeply connect to your feminine energy and embodiment



But you...

  • Never feel good enough or "too much" (or both)

  • Feel discouraged because you've tried to make a change many times unsuccessfully

  • Don't have a support system or like-minded community to support you

  • You feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start

you came  to  the right  place!


a sovereign woman is a free woman.

One major topic many woman struggle with these days is to be fully sovereign in their feeling, thinking and acting.
Many of us are dimming their light and playing it small - too afraid of being fully seen, fully heard, and fully standing in their power. We sacrifice our greatness in order to fit in, yet we're wasting so much of our potential in the process.
Many of us feel incapable of holding ourselves, victimizing ourselves and avoiding to take full ownership over our lives, our decisions and who we choose to be.
But how awesome would it be to unapologetically be you and do you?
Good news: There's a way!

Sovereignty is the foundation for real empowerment, self-worth and embodying our greatness.

It is the secret ingredient for true freedom - internally and externally.

Reclaiming your sovereignty is a rebellious act of self-love. 


In this course, you will...

  • learn how to embody self-confidence, self-respect and a high level of self-worth

  • learn how to be unapologetically YOU and care less about what other people are thinking

  • integrate healthy structures that help you reach the next level - and you're being held accountable to stick to them - whatever you do for 3 weeks becomes a new habit - great that we've got 9 weeks together, hey? ;) Lots of time to form some new neural pathways and create healthy habits + sustainable change!

  • practical communication tools to express yourself clearly and with power 

  • learn embodiment practices that help you to feel + release emotions

  • learn all about feminine energy, what it is, how to integrate it and how to express your feminine essence in a healthy way

  • learn about the feminine shadow, how to love yourself in those darker expressions, release internalized judgement of certain parts of your feminine self, own the wholeness of who you are

  • learn how to connect to your inner child, comfort your little girl, create a space of permission + compassion for your younger self and the challenges you experienced + shower yourself with validation + love 

  • learn how to reclaim your sovereignty + self-responsibility and have your own back in different life situations

  • learn how to love yourself and your body + feel good in your skin

  • learn how to demystify manifestation and use my best practical tools for successfully turning your dreams into reality

  • learn how to overcome victim mentality and become the creator of your own reality

  • escape survival consciousness and step into a space of empowered action

  • learn how to set clear, healthy and compassionate boundaries with others AND with yourself

  • reclaim your "no" with power and grace

  • discover yourself in a completely new light, and realize what a goddess you really are!


The Modules


Here's what you get


9 x 90min Recorded Coaching Sessions 


1 Powerful Workbook + deeply transformational Journalling Prompts


11 Embodiment Practices & countless communication tools


3 Private Playlists
of my favorite music
to support your processes


BONUS material
+ special suprises


How to know if Claim your Crown is for you

  • You are feeling the FULL BODY YES and you are ready to LISTEN

  • You desire to lead yourself and always have your back, even during challenges

  • You are committed to working on yourself and reaching your next level but you feel stuck where you are right now

  • You're done hiding your power and greatness - the world is ready to see your QUEEN SELF!

  • You are excited to connect to a support group of like-minded sisters who are doing the same kind of work and lifting each other up

  • You believe in the power of investing in your growth because you understand that investment = commitment, and commitment = results

  • You are done being afraid of saying "NO", settling for less and betraying your true needs and desires

  • you finally want to feel confident within yourself and your body and no longer criticize and judge yourself for not being "perfect" (f*ck perfect, by the way! we're here to celebrate your authentic self, babe!)

  • you're having a hard time connecting to other women but you are ready to heal the sisterhood wound and have deep meaningful connections with women

  • you desire to feel safe and seen in your deepest feminine essence and opening yourself up to RECEIVE all the yummy goodness this world has to offer...

I hear you love!

If you see yourself in one or more of the above,

then this program is calling your name!

You deserve to feel empowered, to shine bright,

to bask in your own greatness and to claim your WORTH. 

That's why you came here, queen!

When you join Claim your Crown, you are entering the ultimate

permission field of sovereign sexy self-leadership - YUM!

We celebrate ourselves here. We celebrate each other here. We are rewriting the old stories of shame and guilt here. In this space, it is safe for you to SHINE.

Your needs and desires are held in a safe container here.

Together we rise.

The Ulitmate
Growth Bundle

Claim your Crown, Shadow Initiation Course, and Magnetic Abundance bundled  as self-study and self-paced courses.



instead of regular price €1,111



instead of regular price 3 x €411

x €255


You can't think your way into


The way to truly integrate deep change within ourselves is through embodiment. Change and growth do not happen only on a logical mind level. They happen in the body. Therefore, we have many powerful embodiment practices inside Claim your Crown, including Mirror Work and may other guided tools.



I have a busy schedule, will I be able to do the course? How much time does it require?

- Absolutely. This is a prerecorded version, meaning you can work through the content at your own pace so you can choose how much time you would like to invest. The structures you will learn can help you save time. How much of the embodiment practices and tools you use and when is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. You will have lifetime access to all the material and masterclasses, so you can always come back to it, rewatch, practice, apply anytime.

Will I have the content forever?

- Yes! All the content is yours forever!

Do I need any experience or knowledge to join?

- No, you do not. Everything is explained in detail from the beginning. You can join the program with zero knowledge or experience about any of the topics. You'll learn it all here. 

What happens after I've purchased the program?

- You will instantly receive an email with the sign-up information. Make sure to check your spam folder. You can sign up to the members platform right away and get access to the workbook and pre-recorded material, so when you purchase, you can get started a few minutes later already!

Will the course only be available in English?

- Yes, the course content is available in English only - but since we are an international community, you are more than welcome to post in your language in our Facebook group and connect with other people who speak your language.

Do you offer refunds?

- No, we don't.

You deserve this, babe!


Every woman deserves to fully stand in her power.

You are worthy of shining your light and bask in your own greatness, love!

My biggest wish for the women of this world is to see how fcking amazing, beautiful and MORE THAN ENOUGH they already are.

It is our task to lead ourselves out of these old stories of "not enough" and once and for all see the priceless value we bring to the table.

The good news is: you don't need to go it alone!

You have a huge support system of like-minded sisters here, and I am honored to be guiding you on this powerful journey.

We're awaiting you inside, babe.

Claim your spot - and CLAIM YOUR CROWN!