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For Online Coaches, Fempreneurs, Creators, Healers and badass Women leading transformational spaces.

Those who dare to dream BIG and crave a container that can hold and support their BIGNESS.

You know that the work you came here to do is important and deeply valuable.


You have powerful offers to share with the world but things could totally be better, bigger and take off faster.


You know you have the potential to quantum leap, yet something is holding you back. 


You desire high quality support, full permission to embody the badass QUEEN that you are.


You're ready for energetic expansion that attracts an overflow of soulmate followers in your DMs, dream clients in your programs, and 5 figures+ cash flowing into your bank account each month. 

You wish to build structures in your business that ensure long-term, sustainable, predictable and recurring income + success but you are unsure how to do it on your own...

GREAT NEWS: you don’t have to do it on your own!


The world needs your medicine - and you deserve to be rewarded and backed up in the process.

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Are you ready for your personal next level, babe?

… then this Mastermind is for you.

This container is a commitment.

It's for the women who really mean it,

who are done playing it small,

who know they are meant to do great things,

who are ready to have a bigger impact,

serve their dream clients,

and receive the opulent wealth they deserve.

That‘s the energy inside GOLDEN.

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This program is everything I wish I had years ago when I was making around $5k/month, hustling and trying to figure it all out on my own. 

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I often imagine standing face to face with my younger self and teaching her all the things I’ve learned over the course of years of trial and error. 


I was leaving so much money on the table because I had not understood the importance of investing in myself yet and being properly supported by someone who is a few steps ahead of me and has walked the path.


Someone who has the results I want and who gets it.


Who understands the challenges, the emotional rollercoaster that Entrepreneurship can be at times and the shadow work that’s necessary to bust your blocks, break through limiting beliefs and shatter your next glass ceiling. 

AND someone who can also teach me tangible proven strategies and tools so I can stop throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks.


When I started working with my first ever business mentor, I went from $40k/year to my first ever 6-figure year. The following year I joined a Mastermind group and had my first multiple 6 figure year. Making money started feeling a lot easier, not only because I learned SO MUCH invaluable information, strategy, structure and tools about business, marketing, selling and launching. But also because I began to energetically adapt to the people in my field, the women in my Mastermind, the multi-6 and 7 figure coaches I was surrounded by.


The multi-7 figure mentors I hired. I became friends with so many successful people who have a healthy money mindset, a healthy confidence, a business that’s sky-rocketing

and a BIG and bold energy - that I myself became one of them. 

The people you associate with the most have the biggest impact on your life. It’s law.


This is why a Mastermind group is priceless, as you get to grow alongside those who are driven, who know they were born for more than the mediocre, who have a limitless mindset and who came here to make. shit. happen.


This Mastermind group is calling you higher.


To embody your sovereignty, to leave the victim narrative behind and to become the creator of your reality. 


Let me paint a picture for you about what your business

reality could look like with the right support system…

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Untitled design (6).png

 Imagine saying yes to business support, and then... 


... You connect with the feeling of grounded safety in your body and in your nervous system because you have a solid foundation and support system that holds you for the next five months no matter what happens in the world or in your life.


... You feel security in your business knowing you have a group of sisters that is always accessible to answer your questions and that encourages you during challenging times.


... You feel a sense of certainty when learning about sales, branding, marketing, offer creation, personal development, etc from someone who has the results you desire.


... You feel ready to open up to a world where you get to do business the feminine way - with ease, grace & flow, in alignment with your cycle and your natural rhythm as a woman. A way of doing business where you can soften and have enough free time to nurture yourself.


... You release your old hustle & grind patterns, the exhaustion and the burnouts, and you have the confidence to implement healthy structures that support your energy management.


... You feel fulfilled, joyful and full of energy after serving your dream clients. Imagine the gratitude you feel when you no longer need to deplete yourself serving people that are not actually a good match for you.


... You embody a sense of deep relaxation because of all the abundance streaming into your bank account, knowing that this is only the beginning. Imagine the overflow you feel when 5 figure months become your new normal.


… You feel inspired, ignited and motivated to show up for your business and your online community because you do what you LOVE in the way you love it.


... You feel fully in integrity running a business that not only feeds your soul but that is in deep service to the world.

Imagine saying  yes to yourself!

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The GOLDEN Mastermind Program has been designed to support you in creating that new business reality  that you are dreaming of.

This is the new paradigm of body-based Business and feminine Leadership that you get to claim. 

Work that feels deeply rewarding.

Clients that feel like your best friends.

Money that feels like an infinite stream of expansion.

Strategy that is in full integrity with your heart.

Structure that feels supportive and safe.

Launches that feel magnetic and easeful.

Confidence that feels unstoppable.

And a mindset that feels like your biggest cheerleader.

This is the Mastermind for you if…

This is not the mastermind for you if...

  • You are a woman who wants it all

  • You're an Online Coach, Fempreneur, Healer, Creator and/or Women who creates transformational offers

  • Your business is generating income, you are serving clients, you have an offer… BUT things could totally be better

  • You are making around $5k/month in your business and desire to make $10k, $20k, $30k+ a month

  • You KNOW you have so much more potential than what you are currently utilizing

  • You are motivated to get started, you are coachable and love learning + trying out new things 

  • You know you could impact and serve more people, up-level your marketing + branding game, make WAY more money than you are generating right now and deeply enjoy your work in the process

  • You crave sisterhood and support to help you expand your brand, generate more wealth and attract your dream clients with ease and grace


If you feel like you have already outgrown your current self and now you‘re ready to integrate the abundant, confident, well-rested badass version of  YOU that you've always wanted to be...

... then you've come to the right place, love.

  • You are an absolute beginner starting from zero, don't have a business yet, don’t know what you’re offering and don't make any money from your own offers yet. 

  • Your business is taking place offline and you are not interested in marketing mainly through Instagram. 

  • Your business has nothing to do with online coaching or transformational offers.

Your dream deserves to be lived.

Your dream is making consistent $10-$30k cash monthly recurring income.

Investing $5555 once to have consistent 5 figure months does not only seem like a solid logical decision, it’s a one-time investment into the future of your business.


It’s not only a huge energetic upgrade, it comes with a ginormous toolbox full of sustainable long-term strategies, short-term hacks and proven sales formulas. 

It’s not only a win-win moment, it’s a no-brainer.

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gold sparkles.png

This Mastermind will help you to build super simple structures that’ll make it EASY to stay on track and to bite procrastination in the butt. You’ll feel motivated to show up because the way we’ll do it is going to be FUN, playful, authentic and pleasurable for you. It’ll fill your cup and make you go like, “Damn girl, you’re on fire!!”

You may have a full schedule, maybe you’re traveling or navigating unpredictable external circumstances - in GOLDEN, you’ll learn how posting, creating offers, selling and working with your clients can be done efficiently for the busy bees among us that desire more productive action steps - the German in me knows what she’s talking about when it comes to efficiency, productivity and good quality. ;)

I see you achieving your goals with ease, because I know what we’re going to do inside GOLDEN.


If you have a smaller audience, you will learn how to sell higher ticket offers and how to increase your following to reach more soulmate clients. 

If you have a bigger audience that feels cold and only tells you how “inspiring” you are but who isn’t invested in buying - we’re going to properly warm them up so they’ll be all up in your DMs, hot and ready to buy!

If you’re concerned that your content or copywriting isn’t good enough - guess what you’re going to learn here!

When you’ve been holding back when it comes to showing yourself online, fully expressed and embodied - we’re here to liberate your voice and your body so you can shine with confidence, ease and grace.

If you’re someone who has seen enough confusing sales tactics, you came to the right place. You’ll learn crystal clear simple yet highly effective heart-centered strategies that make selling and marketing fun and straight-forward for anyone.

We all value our time. Time is more valuable than money. Therefore, it is important to be clever and discerning when it comes to not only our time management but also the divine timing of our business. 

We don’t want to wait years to see results and we also don’t want to neglect all foundational elements and implementations to jump straight to the cookie-cutter overnight promises that’ll leave your business on shaky ground and that will eventually collapse like a house of cards.

Instead, we’ll choose the best of all worlds in a way that actually works.

We will build a strong foundation for you that helps you to achieve long-term sustainable predictable and replicable success. 

AND we will also work our magic with some of our favorite quantum leap formulas. 

How about some quick wins on our marathon journey of Entrepreneurship?

You don’t need to lose sight of your greater vision if you want to see more cash in the bank sooner rather than later!

What's included inside the GOLDEN Mastermind Program:







Hot  Seat




This 5-month Mastermind experience is not only an amazing accountability system.

It is an intensive program filled with high class business content and a ton of INSANE value.

Imagine having all your business questions answered in time, being cheered on by an epic group of fempreneurs, being supported emotionally and being held for 5 full months no matter what happens in the world, in your life or in your business... this small intimate group space alone is priceless!

Unlimited group Voxer support for 5 months

Value $5,555



  • Sexy Self-Responsibility - 
    become the sovereign creator of your reality and learn how to shift out of victim mentality, limiting beliefs & self-doubt and step into full empowerment

  • Abundance Accelerator -
    quantum leap your money game to consistent 5+ figure months

  • Captivating Copywriting -
    the art of turning followers into clients through your writing

  • Structure & Seduction -
    feminine + masculine balance in business

  • Liberated Leadership -
    standing confidently in your power + being a strong leader & safe space for your clients & community

5 High-Level Masterclasses taught by Kris 

Value $5,555


  • 5 x 90min Calls

  • Your chance to get direct 1:1 live Coaching from Kris, besides the Masterclasses

  • You'll receive support through current challenges you are facing in your biz

  • A space to get all your recent questions answered

  • We'll share your transformation and wins

  • We'll celebrate one another and be inspired by each other

The small intimate container of a Mastermind group holds deep space for everyone to be heard, seen and felt. 

Our Hot Seat Coaching sessions are all about YOU. Your questions, your processes, your challenges, your celebrations, your emotions, what comes up for you, what is present and alive for you. You‘ll receive direct on the spot 1:1 Coaching from me and - if you wish - feedback from the group. 

You are invited to bring all of you: the Entrepreneur, the little girl within, the leader, the goddess, the shadows, the human.

5 Hot Seat Coaching Sessions with Kris 

Value $5,555


5 Guest Expert Trainings 

Value $5,555



Magnetic Instagram Marketing

taught by


REBECCA IVES @the_content_queen

Selling with Confidence

taught by


Nervous System Regulation for Entrepreneurs

taught by


Systems, Strategies, & Scaling

taught by


Self-Mastery & Productivity

taught by


Expand your capacity to receive more, hold more and ride the waves of business with a calm,  grounded nervous system

Kris' OBM teaches you how to optimize and automate your business to eliminate overwhelm, streamline systems, and scale your business for success.

Learn to overcome self-sabotage, clear inner blockages, and become the high-level performer that you're destined to be. 

Sisterhood Community 

Value: Priceless



Official Bonus Offers...

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Additional Calls 

Value $1,111

  • Opening Ceremony 

  • Closing Ceremony 

(available for anyone who joins GOLDEN)



If you choose to pay in full, you‘ll get

more exclusive bonuses on top...

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Resource Library 

Value $5,000

  • Free access to the epic Resource Library of my signature 1:1 Business Mentorship Program 

  • Pre-recorded video content, worksheets, tasks, tutorials and priceless resources that support you in your Leadership, your personal development, your marketing and branding, your offer creation and your launching + selling

  • Lifetime access to all the upgrades of future rounds of the 1:1 Business Mentorship Program that will be more expensive and will include more content per round

  • Infinite increase in value over time


This means that you’ll receive an entire additional high-ticket Business program of mine on top for FREE!


Instant access upon signing up


When you choose the Pay in Full option, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email that contains direct on-the-spot access to ALL the material inside the exclusive Business Resource Library. Feel free to dive in right away if you desire. 

Untitled design (26).png


All Access Pass to my group programs &   Masterclasses

Value $2,766

  • On top of all this goodness, you will receive free access to my two popular programs:

  • Claim your Crown - the next live round that starts this year (Value: 2222€)

  • Shadow Initiation Course - free access to recordings (Value: 444€)

  • AND on top of that you will also receive the Magnetic Abundance Masterclass for free (Value: 100€)


Instant access upon signing up


When you choose the Pay in Full option, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email that contains direct on-the-spot access to ALL my group programs and Masterclass. Start today if you like!

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and more bonus surprises to come...

because I love spoiling my clients!


Total Value you’ll get: $31,097

Your Investment today:
$5555 PIF 



excluding Bonuses 2&3

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2 VIP Spots

You’ll receive everything listed above plus additional:

  • 5 private 1:1 Calls with me (Value: $6250)

  • Private voxer access to me (Value: $555)

  • The only opportunity to work with me 1:1 this year outside my higher ticket full 1:1 coaching 

Total Value you’ll get: $42,902

Your Investment today: only $11k PIF 

or $2222/monthly minus Bonus 1&


This is the first round of this Mastermind Program. 

The price for any future rounds will rise.

We only have 10 regular spots available and 2 VIP spots.

We start in June.


​What else will this Mastermind provide for you?


Respect, Reputation and Reach


A coach who invests in themselves is legit. If you want to charge high ticket, you get to lead by example first and invest in high ticket coaching yourself. It’s not only the ultimate permission slip for your own price raises and premium offers, but it supports your nervous system to actually hold the energy of asking for more AND it shows the world that you embody what you preach. 

You sharing about your investments will activate your ideal clients not only to take the leap themselves but to recognize the VALUE of your work even more. Someone dedicated to providing the best services invests in themselves to improve what they have to offer and how they offer it. People can see and feel that. 

Other than that, being in someone’s energy field who has access to a big community (aka me) and loves supporting their clients, hyping them up, reposting their stories and posts and celebrating their wins publicly can also never hurt. ;) 

I’ve had clients sign up new customers after I shared about them on my Instagram story. I would love for this to happen for you too, boo!


Money back guarantee:

If you have implemented all the teachings and you don’t make back your investment of $5555 minimum within the 5 months of this Mastermind container, you’ll get your money back.

That makes your investment risk-free and supports you in making the decision to join with a calm nervous system, turned-on excitement and the knowing that this was the right choice. 

The Dates:

The Mastermind Program begins in June

with our Opening Call at _____.

You will get access to our Voxer group and the

Members' Area on _____.


You go ALL IN - because you know that you are made for this.

You deserve to be spoiled.

You came here to do great things.

You are worthy of a successful business that feels nurturing and expansive.

Abundance is your birthright.

You are supposed to be supported on your journey.

Your BIG dreams are valid.

Quantum leaps are available and accessible for you in every moment.

I'm excited to welcome you inside this Mastermind and watch you unfold and blossom into the successful, confident, relaxed woman you came here to be.

Choose yourself, my love.

This life is meant to be GOLDEN.

*This Mastermind Program is a small intimate container with limited spots available. The reason these spots are limited is because this program has been designed to meet the needs of every woman in depth. Deep hands-on support for each individual cannot be offered in big groups of hundreds of participants. Therefore, we wanted to keep this group small in order to be there for everyone individually.That way, each woman can achieve maximum results and receive maximum support.