Hello love and welcome to the Magnetic Abundance Masterclass.

Do you wish to improve your relationship with Money, heal your Lack and Scarcity mindset and step into Abundance... but you don't know how or where to start?

You've come to the right place.


  Is this you, babe?

  • Deep down you know abundance is

      your birthright and you desire to attract

      more money into your life

  • You are tired of a lack and scarcity

      mentality running your show

  • You desire to embody a secure

      relationship with money

  • You want to know the secret of 

      becoming a magnet for prosperity

      with ease and confidence


But you...

Still find yourself operating from fear and lack around money even though you know the theory


Feel like your relationship with money is unstable, unpredictable and like a rollercoaster ride

Are having a hard time receiving

money without feeling guilty

Don't fully believe you are deserving

of the abundance you desire​

While the topics of Money and Abundance are still treated as "taboo" in society; here in our community, we believe in openly talking about it - because if we never talk about money, how can we improve our relationship with it?


The amount of shame, guilt, stigma and prejudices that come with wanting to have more money are certainly not helpful on our journey of Abundance.

Inside the Magnetic Abundance Masterclass, we dismantle the internalized lack and scarcity mindset that many of us have been born into and we begin the process of releasing the sticky, heavy load that comes with scarcity mentality.

This shift cannot be made by repeating affirmations and wishful thinking. It requires taking action and applying tangible tools that we can work with in our everyday life in order to become a magnet for wealth.

Besides taking action steps, our money identity and energetics play a huge role in whether we are open to receiving money and always attracting more with ease...
or if we unconsciously reject and push it away.

The change from lack to abundance is possible for everyone.

It can be achieved with practice and application of the methods you will learn inside the Magnetic Abundance Masterclass.

This Masterclass is for women of all cultures and backgrounds.

You do not have to run your own business in order to join this Masterclass and learn valuable tools.

Yet when you are a female entrepreneur or you are dreaming of becoming one, you certainly do not want to miss out on this gem.


In the Magnetic Attraction Masterclass we reprogram the mind and change our money story from lack and scarcity to embodied abundance. But this is not just a Masterclass about money.

It goes deeper.

The skills you learn here can be applied to all areas of life,

including relationships and romantic connections.

A woman deeply rooted in herself is the most attractive manifestation in the universe. She is a force like no other that inspires fortune and wealth to gravitate towards her..


What you get:

  • 3h+ Masterclass Recording

  • High-Value Presentation with all key points outlined

  • Abundance Visualization Practice during the session

  • Take-home journalling prompts, tools and practices 

  • Lifetime access

Body 07 filled.png

What we cover:

  • Relationship with Money

  • Lack and Scarcity Mindset

  • Abundance Mindset

  • Shifting from Lack to Abundance

  • Feminine Energy and Money

  • Becoming a Magnet for Wealth


I can't wait to see you inside!

xx Kris