Money Illuminated

- a deep dive Money Masterclass -

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Welcome to the Money Illuminated Masterclass.

Do you desire to have a clear empowered relationship with money and build the confidence to cultivate wealth effortlessly...

but you are struggling with unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Then this is the right Masterclass for you!


 I get you, love!

  • You desire to make more money because you know more money = more freedom & options

  • You are done with feeling shame around the topic of money

  • You want to feel worthy and confident to make and attract more easily

  • You are ready to learn how to master money and do it right, this time!

But something is blocking you...

You are lacking the self-worth to show

up for the money-making opportunities ...

You subconsciously think you are not

deserving of living a prosperous life...


There are parts of you that hold shame around the topic of money and that shame is blocking you...


You are tired of the shame of wanting more money, the shame of not having it, the shame of  investing in yourself and the shame of what other people might be thinking of you... 

You are lacking the confidence to actually

believe wealth is possible for you.

I got you, love!

Inside the Money Illuminated Masterclass, we illuminate our subconscious shadows around money, specifically the shame, guilt and story attached to money - and we learn how to integrate those shadows so they are no longer runner our life and keeping us stuck in rejecting the money-making opportunities of life.



This Masterclass is not only about Money.

It is abut Self-Worth and Deservingness.

Yes, you will learn how to deeply shift your relationship towards money for the better. And you will also learn how to cultivate the energy of feeling worthy within which also serves you in all other areas of life.

So it's a win win situation. ;)


What you get:

  • 2h+ live Masterclass

  • Lifetime access to the Recording

  • Money Visualization Practice during the session

  • Take-home journalling prompts, tools and practices 

What we cover:

  • Shadows around Money

  • How to Integrate our Money Shadows

  • The Role of Self-Worth + how to cultivate more of it

  • Releasing Shame, Guilt and Stories around money that are no longer serving us

  • Action Steps towards Prosperity

I'm looking forward to diving deep with you!

xx Kris