Path of the Priestess

- Practice Group -

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a high-touch 3-month Practice Group container for the women who are deeply devoted to Feminine Mastery


Master the world of your emotions, their regulation & their expression.

Unmute your voice. Unfreeze your body. Unleash your roar.

Understand & discern TRUTH from WOUND, and learn to validate your truth, especially when you've had your reality denied and find yourself constantly second-guessing your responses.

Meet the King within. Let him support you beyond the hustle and grind.
Meet the Queen within. Let her relax into deeper trust & inner safety.
Marry the two into Union and anchor in the inner balance you were seeking outside of yourself before.

You are a true seeker of  Feminine Mastery.
I see you, sister.

This program is a Sanctuary for the women who desire to walk this path beside you in their highest  Integrity.


This program is for you when...

You are a true seeker of  Feminine Mastery.

You're ready to master the world of your emotions, their regulation and their expression.

You desire to feel self-assured in the way you communicate and use your word with power and intention.

You're turned on by the thought of not only speaking from your head, but using your whole body to reveal your truth.

You want to be able to discern between your highest truth and when you're in the grip of your shadow - and how to gently release yourself from reacting from a wounded place, before returning to your heart.

You dream of relying on your inner masculine energy to be the focused "I got you" force that has your back and takes powerful action to support your needs and desires...

While you long for your inner feminine energy to relax into her surrendered trusting state in which she can receive life fully through her open body, rather than being contracted and trapped in a mind full of worries and the need to control and micromanage it all.

Your goal is to create a lasting sacred union within as the core foundation for the outer union you're calling in.

You're tired of intellectualizing your emotions, numbing or suppressing them, or reacting unconsciously and then regretting it later.

You don't want to mute your voice anymore in fear of not knowing how to get your point across in integrity - without fawning, forcing, controlling or performing mental acrobatics.

You're done with feeling frozen, stuck and tight in your body. You can tell that there's so much energy that wants to flow through you unhindered to show you a new way of embodied communication and self-expression.

You've found yourself wondering "what is the truest way to be/respond/express/embody...?" because you want to finally get it right and stop second-guessing your every move.

Maybe you've had your reality denied before and ever since, you've been doubting wether your responses are even valid.

You're unsure how to truly access your feminine energy beyond the bubble baths, and how to fully harness your masculine energy beyond the rigid structure.

You desire to anchor into these two energetics in a way that feels clear, grounded and masterful. By doing so, you're ready to give up outsourcing your masculine to a man. You're willing to cultivating the King within first, who rules beside your inner Queen, so you can step into inner Union as the eternal anchor of balance in your life.


Congratulations, you're devoted to living in your highest alignment as a Woman. You've chosen to walk the Path of the Priestess.



From entitled Princess to embodied Priestess


When I started my journey of personal liberation 7 years ago, I wanted to get it right.
Yet, I had no idea what that meant or looked like.
I realized quickly, that one of the greatest challenges that myself and many other women had been facing was the lack of healthy female leaders who model to us a way of being, communicating and self-expression that is empowered, integrous and loving at the same time.

So I began to dig.
I saw that many of us had been greately influenced by the behavior of men and women that our culture suggests on mainstream media, TV shows and movies.
And most of us grew up in family systems in which our parents did the best they could, but simply didn't know what healthy feminine and masculine embodiment looked like, because they themselves haven't had the role models they needed.

This resulted in what I like to call "the collective feminine shadow".
This shadow expresses itself across our culture and can show up in the following ways:

For the woman to "get what she wants", she must...

🥀 be passive aggressive, complain, blame & judge

🥀 say "I'm fine", then withhold communication entirely

🥀 withdraw love & affection, close her heart & body

🥀 become a martyr, aka always be the self-sacrificial victim that triggers guilt in the other person

🥀 use (unconscious) seduction strategies to get what she wants

🥀 force, control, threaten, set ultimatums

🥀 seek pity through the wound of unworthiness
"I am unlovable, I'm never doing enough"

🥀 play the game of entitlement: "I'm the Princess, bow to my demands!"

🥀 expect people to read her mind

🥀 explode with rage and chaotic emotional storms

🥀 use constant negative reenforcement, express disappointment and withhold praise or encouragement

🥀 ... or fawn and people-please

🥀 pretend not to have any needs or desires to avoid being vulnerable

🥀 play the hyper-independent woman who can do it all on her own and refuses to rely on anyone else


... That's when I realized: 
we have a problem.

What you just read is anything but the embodiment of a mature empowered feminine leader. The truth is, this is the expression of a  wounded inner little girl  that is so scared of being hurt that she must force her way through life... because she doesn't know what else is possible.

I was that wounded little girl in an adult body.

It was a disempowering reality to live that led to countless conflicts, suppressed emotions, ineffective communication, so much confusion and a whole lot of frustration.

I had adopted many of those behaviors myself that I learned from external influences.
I had no idea how else to live, communicate and be.
Was there even another way for us as women if we want to be respected and have our needs and desires met?

The good news is: Yes, there is absolutely another way.

A way that doesn't require any games, dismissiveness or withholding of our deeper truth & expression beyond the blame.
There is a path that can be walked with fierceness, clarity, self-responsibility and love that will not only grant us more respect, but that will support us to do life from a place of harmony, peace and in integrity with our heart and soul.

That's the path of Feminine Mastery.
It's the Path of the Priestess.


If you're anything like me, you want to... no, you HAVE TO evolve past your conditioning

The behavior of the wounded inner girl lacks the true power we seek to embody as women, because it's disconnected from heart & soul. It is driven by the wound, and the collective feminine shadow.

Along my journey I went through different stages:

When I was younger, I completely outsourced my needs to the world around me. I thought other people needed to fill my empty cup for me, so I oftentimes showed up as the
entitled Princess who was demanding and controlling. This led to a lot of conflicts and dissatisfaction.

When I started my spiritual journey, I realized that a big self-responsibility piece had been missing before, so I began to work on myself to "become a better human". In the beginning, it was all Love & Light though. I fell into the trap of toxic positivity & by-passing my needs and my dark side in an attempt to be
holier than thou. As a result, I felt frozen in my body and unable to express myself. My insecurity made me question the validity of my responses all the time.


I felt a big relief when I disovered shadow work. I finally understood that it is SO. DAMN. VALID to have darker emotions, to set boundaries and to express what you want & need clearly. So after a long period of suppressing my embodiment, I began to harness my inner Wild Woman. I began to mobilize the stuck frozen energy in my nervous system, release my rage and unblock my voice. I screamed "JUSTICE" from the roof tops and spoke up about every unfair treatment that myself and other women have experienced. Publicly. In front of thousands of people. I was driven by a lot of fire and fight energy. I felt as though I was on the front line, burning down the Patriarchy and reclaiming my redemption.... But after a while, something felt off. I realized that I had so many walls around my heart and would push everyone away. I felt disconnected despite my newly gained "power".


Eventually, I understood that I had been driven by my wounds, not my heart. I had been releasing my rage in a chaotic way and instead of truly healing, I was seeking revenge. This resulted in constant anger, blaming all men and becoming the hyper-independent woman that didn't need anyone.

After many trials and errors, I arrived in a place of deeper self-knowledge. I saw my shadows and wounds clearly. I was ready to take full self-responsibility for my emotional nature, my communication, my self-expression and embodiment, and for cultivating my inner union, to return to love and harmony with the masculine. Eventually, I started the life-changing process of de-armoring my heart.


That's when I entered my personal Priestess path. I was finally willing to find the ways in which I could express myself in my highest integrity without suppressing or lashing out. I learned more and more about tantric practices and embodiment, harnessing and releasing emotions in a healthy creative and even kinky & pleasurable way. I learned to talk straight from my heart, revealing the pain underneath the blame, and taking full ownership for my own shortcomings, my shadows, and my wounds.

This journey has been nothing short of magic. I wouldn't treat it for anything in the world. The way I communicate and embody myself now has not only brought the most beautiful loving people, conscious community and supportive men into my life that make me feel deeply cherished and honored... But relating to the world feels natural and effortless now. I'm generous when it comes to expressing my love and affection. I feel solid in the way I set boundaries and I've learned to take ownership for my mistakes. I also feel more at peace & ease than ever before. Liberated. Free to say and be all of me, with an open heart. Nothing to hold back. Nothing to prove. No games to play. Oriented towards integrity.


Making the shift towards our own maturation requires willingness, skill, practice, knowlege and a change of perspective.
The wounded little girl will only get so far in life. Not only is she mostly standing in her own way and blocking her Love-Embodiment from flourishing, she can also only ever attract and entertain like-minded connections that respond to the same level of consciousness, behavior and communication that she demonstrates herself.
If she truly wants to grow beyond any of the coping mechanisms she has learned, then life will eventually lead her on the Path of the Priestess. As she walks the Path of the Priestess, everything that is not in alignment with her highest intention will be washed away to clear the way for true personal liberation, open-hearted relating, and the freedom to express her truest nature as an offering at the altar of Love.

She becomes the healthy female leader she needed as a child.
She becomes the ancestor that models integrity and skill to the next generation.
She becomes the sacred disrupter that alchemizes the karma of her past into the dharma of her future.
For herself, and for those to follow.
She leads the way.

What you will receive
inside the Path of the Priestess


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  • 6 Workshop Modules incl Practice Space

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  • 3 additional Integration/ Q&A Calls

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  • Group Voxer Chat for 3 full months

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  • Close Proximity for 3 full months

You will be part of a high-touch group container with close proximity for 3 full months. Meaning, this won't feel like a random workshop you do on the side. We will have 3 calls each month, one week is integration week. You will be plugged into our group messanger chat where you can chat via text and voice messages with myself and the other women for the time in between the calls.



The Modules

+ Workshops

1. Know Thyself
🌹 a deep dive into the core feminine shadows, archetypes & hidden desires
🌹 uproot the collective feminine pain body
🌹 move beyond self-sabotage and manipuation tactics to get what you want
🌹 shift your perspective from a lack-based "what can I get?" attitude to an abundance-based "what can I offer, how can I inspire, how can I invite?" approach
🌹 understand what is YOU and what is wound
🌹 learn to embody your true needs and desires beyond lack, wound and conditioning
🌹 drop into your heart and anchor in deeper integrity with yourself & the world


2. Emotional Sovereignty
🌹 learn to move with the waves of your emotions without suppressing, by-passing or transcending them
🌹 masterful emotional regulation
🌹 move out of nervous system freeze response and out of your head
🌹 learn to take full self-responsibility for your emotional experience
🌹 reveal triggers skillfully in real time without lashing out or watering down your experience & expression


3. Awaken Your Body’s Language
🌹 express the full range of your God given avatar
🌹 the sensual, the wild, the sweet, the bratty, the devotional, the naughty, the innocent, the rebel, the kinky, the humble, the fiery, the empath, and so much more
🌹 a play of archetypes and how to take their shape
🌹 learn the art of Third Stage Communication through your body
🌹 use body language and archetypal play to invoke polarity with a partner/date


4. Master your Word
🌹 learn the art of conscious communication that supports harmony and is in the highest integrity with yourself and others
🌹 skillful boundary setting
🌹 navigate conflicts with intention
🌹 own up to your mistakes
🌹 learn to use words of affirmation as a love language without fawning


5. Lead & Surrender
🌹 when it's time to lead yourself and when to surrender to life
🌹 cultivate your core masculine energy as the stable spine that never collapses and the eternal witness that doesn't judge
🌹 strengthen the integrity of your core feminine energy as the holy flow that always stays flexible


6. Inner Union
🌹 life in devotion to inner and outer balance
🌹 learn to marry your inner paradoxes
🌹 the alchemy of feminine and masculine in union

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Integration/Q&A Calls

You will receive 3 Integration/Q&A Calls in addition to the Workshop Modules
🌹 one Integration/Q&A call per month
🌹 an opportunity for deeper integration of the two workshop calls prior
🌹 to ask any questions that came up
🌹 to share your experiences, progress, challenges, processes & celebrations


Group Messanger Chat

You can chat with myself and the other women in the group Monday through Friday EVERY WEEK for 3 full months.

The messanger app we will be using is "Voxer". It works just like WhatsApp, meaning we can send each other text messages, voice notes and photos or short videos.

This chat room is the perfect addition for the time in between our calls.

This is a true support system for an extended period of time where we can build real sisterhood connections and help each other in our day to day life situations:
When we are going through hard emotional times, when we desire to be held and seen, when we don't know how to navigate challenging conversations, when we feel stuck... then we have access to a group of like-minded people determined to be there for each other.
But also when we have wins and celebrations to share, when we want to brag about the empowered boundaries we set, the sweet juicy polarity we initiated, the conscious way in which we resolved a conflict situation and all the times we caught ourselves from falling into old patterns, but stood our ground instead. Plus we can inspire one another & learn from each other.

The deeper healing that happens in these group containers always emerges in the most vulnerable spaces. When we see that we're all dealing with the same fears, have the same needs and face similar challenges, and that none of us are ever alone.


Your Investment

Early Bird Price

Pay in Full
(Early Bird Price)


Pay in Installments
(Early Bird Price)

3 x 477€

6 x 244€

Regular Price
1777€ PIF
or 3 x 666€
or 6 x 333€

The spots are limited!
Since this is a Practice Group where we want to give every woman the chance to be heard and seen, we will have a small intimate group that feels safe and supportive.


Or... secure a VIP spot

We only have 3 VIP spots available for this program. This is also the only way to work with me 1:1 for the rest of this year. The VIP spots  include one 1:1 call with me each month and private Voxer access for the full duration of 3 months, in addition to the group Voxer access and the group calls.

VIP Investment
(Early Bird Price)

2997€ Pay in Full
or 3 x 1111€

Regular Price:
3333€ Pay in Full
or 3 x 1333




This is what people have to say about the Bad Girl Masterclass, which was an introduction of the topics we will go deeper into inside The Path of the Priestess:

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About your Host

I have been on my journey of Liberation, personal development and refinement for over 7 years, and have been working in the field of Women's Empowerment Coaching for 5 years.

I created The Path of the Priestess to teach all the things that have helped me heal my own insecurities around self-expression, communication and embodiment, my relationship with the masculine, and my unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I'm on a mission to support women to live a life of integrity in which they feel so deeply nurtured, met and in charge of themselves that they can't help but overflow with power, turn-on & bliss.

For the whole year of 2022, I've been studying inside a year-long trauma-informed tantric certification program to become a certified Love, Sex & Relationship Coach.

My work is influenced by & includes tools from Shadow Integration, Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Work, Tantra, Taoism, Hermeticism, Polarity, Conscious Relating, Feminine & Masculine Energetics + Dynamics, Non-Violent Communication, Somatic Release + Embodiment and so much more. It is a powerful combination of both the tangible masculine structure and the ethereal feminine mystery.



What does the schedule look like?
We will have our Workshop/Practice Calls on a bi-weekly basis every month. The Q&A/Integration Call will happen each month after the two Workshops. One week per month is integration week.
Our calls will usually take place on a Wednesday afternoon/early evening. Any call times and dates may be subject to change based on my travels/time zone changes or unexpected health challenges/cycle changes. You will always be informed early in advance should anything about the regular schedule change. The exact final times will be shared with you closer towards the start of the container.

We will have our first live Workshop on November 9 at 5pm Berlin time.
The second workshop will take place on November 23, and the first Integration Call on November 30. Unless announced otherwise, we will continue in this rhythm.

When are your office hours?
My office hours to reply to Voxer messages are Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm (always in my current time zone, which is Europe at the moment). You can expect me to reply to your messages within this time frame. I will sometimes also reply to you outside my office hours or on the weekends when I have capacity. :)
My response time is maximum 24-48h, but usually much faster.
And you can chat with each other inside the group around the clock!

Are there going to be recordings?
Yes, of course. All the calls will be recorded in case you cannot make it live, so you can rewatch them later in your own time. Since this is a practice group, you will get the most out of it though by joining us live at least for some of the calls.

Do I need to have any experience or knowledge before joining?
No, you can come as you are. You will learn it all in the program.

Are there any refunds?
There are no refunds.


Walking the integrous path

The path of the Priestess is a journey of Maturation, a commitment to  Mastery and the deepest devotion to the eternal  Mystery of the Feminine.


You are invited to join us on this sacred quest.
It is my honor to walk beside you, sister.


In Love,