for Female Entrepreneurs / Coaches / Healers / Creators

for the women who want it all.


Are you ready for your personal next level of
success, abundance, dream clients, ease
& flow in your business?

Then this Mastermind is for you.

This container is a commitment.
It's for the women who really mean it,
who are done playing it small,
who know they are meant to do great things,
who are ready to have a bigger impact,
serve their dream clients,
and receive the opulent wealth they deserve.

Have you reached a plateau in your business, you've tried everything to fix it but you don't feel like you're moving the needle forward effectively?


This is why I created the Quantum Queens Mastermind Program.

This program is everything I would have needed a few years ago when I felt stuck in my business.

Back then, I dreamed about a support system full of strong leaders and women in business who are on a mission to impact and serve. And I deeply desired a safe space in which I would feel held, uplifted, and guided.

Instead, I was struggling, wasting time and energy learning things on my own. One day it dawned on me, I simply cannot know it all by myself. And I don't have to either. Neither do you!

Long story short - everything has changed for the better since I hired my first business coach. And I would love for you to have the same experience inside this container.

I whole-heartedly believe that everyone can fulfill their business dreams with the right support and guidance.

Let me paint a picture for you about what your business reality
could look like with the right support system...


Imagine saying YES to business support. When you wake up the next morning and...

... You feel grounded safety in your body because you have a solid foundation and support system to hold you for the next five months.

... You feel security in your business knowing you have a support group that is always accessible to answer your questions and that encourages you during challenging times.

... You feel a sense of certainty when learning about sales, branding, marketing, offer creation, personal development, etc from someone who has the results you desire.

... You feel able to open up to a world where you get to do business the feminine way - with ease, grace & flow, where you can soften and have enough free time to nurture yourself.

... You release your old hustle & grind patterns, the exhaustion and the burnouts, and you have the confidence to implement healthy structures that support your energy management.

... You feel fulfilled after serving your dream clients - and feel joyful and recharged after your client sessions. Imagine the gratitude you feel when you no longer need to deplete yourself
serving people that are not really aligned with you.

... You have a sense of deep relaxation because of all the abundance streaming into your bank account, knowing that this is only the beginning. Imagine the overflow you feel when 5 figure months become your new normal.

... You feel fully in integrity running a business that not only feeds your soul but that is in deep service to the world.

Imagine saying Yes to yourself!



The Quantum Queens Mastermind Program has been designed to support you in creating that new business reality that you are dreaming of.

This is the new paradigm of embodied feminine Leadership that we get to claim. 

Work that feels deeply rewarding.

Clients that feel like our best friends.

Money that feels like an infinite stream of expansion.

Strategy that feels in full integrity with our hearts.

Structure that feels supportive and safe.

Launches that feel magnetic and easeful.

Confidence that feels unstoppable.

And a mindset that feels like our biggest cheerleader.


So who is this Mastermind for? 

If you are a woman who wants it all - then the Quantum Queens Mastermind is for you!
It is the perfect container for female Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Creators and Leaders.

Your business is generating income, you are serving clients, you have an offer
...BUT things could be better.

You KNOW you have so much more potential than what you are currently utilizing.
You know you could impact and serve more people, up-level your marketing + branding game, make waaaayyyyy more money than you are earning right now and enjoooooy your work more deeply.

This container will be of great support to help you expand your brand,
generate more wealth and attract your dream clients with ease and grace.

This Mastermind is not for absolute beginners who are starting from zero,
don't have a business yet and don't make any money from their own offers yet.
The teachings are designed to support those who already work in their business but feel
stuck and are ready for their personal next level.

If you desire to outgrow your current self and become the abundant, confident,
well-rested badass YOU that you've always wanted to be...

... then you've come to the right place, love.



So what are you gonna get inside the Quantum Queens Mastermind Program?

This 5 month Mastermind experience is not only an amazing accountability system.
It is an intensive program filled with high class business content and a ton of value.

Here's what's included in the Program:


Weekly Mastermind Group Calls for 5 Months

Value: $6,000

  • Unlimited group Voxer support for 5 months

  • One deep dive 1:1 call with me

  • Welcome Group Call

  • 5 Hot Seat Coaching Sessions with me

  • 6 Powerful Guest Expert Calls

  • 5 Masterclasses with me

  • 4 Open Q&A Calls + Sharing Circles lead by Kris


One deep dive private 1:1 Call with Kris

Value: $1,000

  • One 90min deep dive session with Kris

  • Setting the 1-year business goals for your biz

  • Planning launches & lead generation phases

  • Integrating content calendars and supportive structures

  • Addressing your most urgent and recent challenges in your business

  • Supporting you through anything that is currently present 

Watercolor Brush 17.png

5 Guest Expert Calls

Value: $3,000

  • I'm bringing in 6 trusted Guest Teachers for 6 x 90min Calls to share

       their expertise to help support your business

  • Our Guest Teachers are diverse and follow an ethical approach to business

  • This will include a Q&A Session at the end of each call 

  • See the topics they teach below


5 Hot Seat Coaching Sessions with me

Value: $1,000

  • 5 x 60min - 90min Calls

  • You'll receive support through current challenges you are facing in your biz

  • A space to get all your recent questions answered

  • We'll share your transformation and wins

  • We'll celebrate one another and be inspired by each other


Unlimited Support in our Voxer group

Value: $4000 / priceless

  • A priceless accountability system + co-creative space of deep inspiration, support & permission

  • Unlimited access to me through our Voxer group in-between our Calls

  • Daily support and encouragement

  • you'll learn not only from your Mentor Kris, but also from the other female entrepreneur sisters joining us in this group with their own business experience


Resource Library

Value: $2000

  • Pre-recorded content that supports your business, your wellbeing and your personal development

  • New content will be added to the Resource Library even beyond the 5-month Mastermind experience

  • Lifetime access to all the content and anything that will be added in the following higher-priced rounds of this Mastermind Program

  • See content of the Resource Library below

Body 07 filled11221.png

BONUSES - yes, there's more!

Value: ca. $2000

  • On top of all this goodness, you will receive free access to my two signature program:

  • Claim your Crown - the recordings (Value: 1111€/$1306)

  • Shadow Initiation Course - free access to the next round starting in September (Value: 444€/$522)

  • AND on top of that you will also receive the Masterclass Magnetic Abundance for free (Value: 97€/$114)


The Contents that will be covered inside Quantum Queens


The Masterclasses by Kris:

  • Sexy Self-Responsibility
    become the sovereign creator of your reality and learn how to shift out of victim mentality, limiting beliefs & self-doubt and step into full empowerment

  • Abundance Accelerator -
    quantum leap your money game to consistent 5+ figure months


  • Captivating Copywriting -
    the art of turning followers into clients through your writing


  • Structure & Seduction -
    feminine + masculine balance in business


  • Liberated Leadership -
    standing confidently in your power + being a strong leader
    & safe space for your clients & community

The Masterclasses by our Guest Teachers:

  • Magnetic Instagram Marketing-
    by Rebecca Ives (@the_content_queen)


  • Selling with Confidence-
    by Amy Rushworth (@thisisamyrushworth)


  • Nervous System Regulation for Entrepreneurs-
    expand your capacity to receive more, hold more & ride the waves of business with a calm & grounded nervous system by Abby Vernon (@abby_vernon_)


  • Backend Systems organization + optimization, streamline the systems of your business to reduce overwhelm, free up time and stay focused + clear
    by my OBM, Sarah Cox (@sarahl.cox)


  • Self-Mastery, productivity, overcoming self-sabotage & inner blockages
    by Nathaniel Solace (@nathaniel_solace)

The Resource Library:

  • How to Build a Sales Page

  • How to attract your Ideal Client

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Attachment Styles - how they affect how we relate to business, clients and money

  • Emotional Regulation During Launches

  • Strengthen your Confidence on Social Media

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Training

  • + More BONUS content will be added over time


We are launching this first round of the Mastermind as the beta version. 
This means that we will heavily overdeliver, and ask for a written and video testimonial from you. 
The price will double for the second round of this Mastermind.

Only 14 spots available - We start in April.


The Investment

5 Monthly Payments of




After you have completed your payment, you are officially registered and part of the Quantum Queens Mastermind - YAY! How exciting! You will receive a confirmation email and further info from me directly.

The Dates

The Mastermind Program begins in April with our Opening Call at _____.

You will get access to our Voxer group and the Members' Area on _____.

Watercolor Brush 17.png

This Mastermind Program is a small intimate container with limited spots available. The reason these spots are limited is because this program has been designed to meet the needs of every woman in depth. Deep hands-on support for each individual cannot be offered in big groups of hundreds of participants. Therefore, we wanted to keep this group small in order to be there for everyone individually.

That way, each woman can achieve maximum results

and receive maximum support.

The Investment is only a fraction of what you can make applying the teachings, tools and support you're receiving inside this Mastermind!


The financial Investment equals your commitment to working on your business, implementing what you learn in this Program and moving the needle forward BIG TIME.

This Investment is supposed to feel like a bit of a stretch for you

as you are agreeing to expand beyond your comfort zone, as you say YES to quantum leaps of success and abundance and as you are ready for a new level.

If you want your clients to pay you this juicy kind of abundance,

you get to lead by example first.

The Investment is not just about the money.

The Investment is a mirror that shows you how much you believe in yourself, how bad you really want it and how committed you are to your growth, expansion and service to the world.

If you are feeling a FULL BODY YES - "I want to be in this program kinda feeling",

if your intuition is saying "We want this!" and your mind is a little nervous,

that is your sign that you are ready and aligned with this Mastermind.

As a Quantum Queen, you quantum leap into the business of your dreams.

You go ALL IN - because you know that you are made for this.


You deserve to be spoiled!


You came here to do great things.

You are worthy of a successful business that feels nurturing and expansive.

Abundance is your birthright.

You are supposed to be supported on your journey.

Your dreams are valid.

Quantum leaps are available and accessible for you.

I'm excited to welcome you inside this Mastermind and watch you unfold + blossom into the successful, confident, relaxed woman you came here to be.

Choose yourself, my love.

Your Quantum Queen self awaits you.

 xx Kris