Hello, beautiful being!

You want to do Shadow Work

but you don't know how or where to start?


You came to the right place.


Is this you?

  • You are ready to face your shadows

  • You are ready to feel empowered to show up for yourself and support yourself authentically

  • You are ready to drop the conditioning and feel worthy and whole

  • You are ready to embody your sovereign self and master your life with ease and grace

  • You are ready to deeply connect to your emotions, to feel them, express them and release them


But your path of personal transformation has been rocky through no fault of yours...

  • you didn't know HOW to make a major shift

  • you've experienced toxic relationships or unsupportive friends/family

  • you tried everything and nothing created sustainable change, leaving you feeling discouraged and disempowered

  • you felt alone on your journey without a community to support you

  • you don't know where to start your new path in the world of coaches, mentors and a million quick fixes!

Your Shadows

keep you stuck.

Shadow work helps us to accept the parts of ourselves that we have abandoned.
When we continue rejecting those parts of ourselves, we'll remain stuck in inner conflict and repetitive cycles that are not serving us.


  • Imagine you fully trusted yourself because you know how to support yourself in challenging times. How much fear of uncertainty will fall off your shoulders because you know you’ve got your own back.

  • Imagine becoming your own best friend who cheers you on and who tells you in the mirror "I love you. I love you, my beautiful body. I love you, my beautiful mind. I love you, my beautiful heart. I see your worth. I honor and respect you. I’m here to treat you well.“

  • Imagine you can allow yourself to fully feel your emotions as they come up - without suppressing them, without ignoring them, just allowing them, and feeling that amazing release afterwards.

  • Imagine you have the power to CHOOSE: - To choose that you will sit with yourself, hold yourself and be present with yourself instead of giving in to forms of escapism, distraction or numbing in order to avoid BEING with the experience. Imagine the strength and sovereignty you will feel when you are free to choose instead of being a slave to your autopilot behavioral patterns.

  • Imagine being so self-aware that you become conscious of your inner workings and have the power to change them. 

  • Imagine connecting to your Higher Self and the positive decision it would make for your highest good. 

  • Imagine feeling empowered to be your most authentic self, unafraid of the opinions of others because you know who you are and that you’re worthy beyond measure. 


All of us can have this experience. All of us can feel this way. It is my greatest wish for all of us to step into this space of empowerment in which we can lead ourselves from a place of love, compassion and support. 


It is time for you to embody that power. All you need is the tools. 

Because we all deserve feeling AMAZING about ourselves.

You deserve to see yourself and to appreciate yourself.

Your Guidance System for
REAL Personal Development

Anyone who is excited about their personal growth and development can benefit greatly from Shadow Work - and especially from this course. 


Getting lost in the realm of self optimization can be tempting. It is easy to drift off into toxic positivity and the misconception that we always have to be at our best, be in a good mood and stick to our routines every single day no matter what - and if we are struggling,

then we are a failure and need to “fix“ ourselves.


Unfortunately that is the energy behind many personal development approaches

that I personally do not resonate with. 


We don’t need to be fixed because we are not broken.

We need to learn how to accept all parts of us and develop a healthy sense of self-compassion and sovereignty. We need to learn how to discern instead of being quick to judge. And we need to realize that we are human beings of flesh and blood and that life is not always easy and does not always work in our favor. Unexpected challenges will always come our way - and no amount of “harsh discipline“ and “positive thinking“ will ever change that. 


Therefore I don’t believe in denying our humanness and the hardships that are parts of life. I believe in a more balanced approach that teaches us how to support ourselves through difficult times and show up for what we are experiencing. I believe in being present with ourselves, learning to hold ourselves and allowing ourselves to fully feel our emotions - the pleasant ones as well as the unpleasant ones - so that we can process and release them and don’t need to hide them under an overcoat of pressure and false optimization. 


Many personal development approaches cover the symptoms but don’t treat the root cause. 


We’re going back the roots in this course. 


We do the real work that cannot be replaced by another

5 step program for “Success and Happiness“.

If you want shortcuts, you’re wrong here.

If you’re someone who is honest with themselves and desires long-lasting change - this is the best place to start and to deepen your own journey of REAL personal development. 

How to know if the Shadow Initiation Course is for you

  • You find yourself trapped in repetitive cycles that make you feel terrible, like binge-watching Netflix, scrolling through social media all day, eating too much, drinking, and over-socializing, when what you really want is to feel free within and treat yourself well

  • You are totally over never feeling good enough and not deserving

  • You deeply desire to connect to others but find yourself judging yourself and others which makes you feel disconnected and not belonging

  • You are tired of self-sabotage and you're ready to fully trust and support yourself

  • You are done playing it small, not believing in yourself and feeling stuck

  • You no longer want to feel disconnected from your emotions and being overwhelmed when uncomfortable emotions are surfacing and begging you to feel them

  • You are so ready to do the inner work but you just don't know where to start


I got you!


If you're one or more of the above, then this course is for you.

You can get to a place where you...

You truly deserve to learn how to make friends with your shadows because that is how you reclaim your power over your life and embody your self-authority.

That is how you can finally drop these old patterns and forms procrastination that are not serving you anymore.

That is how you can CHOOSE to take aligned action, to go for greatness, to feel empowered, to create a life that feels amazing, fulfilling and authentic to you.


You are capable of becoming the sovereign master of your life

because you are WILLING to make the positive mindset changes, take responsibility for your actions and be in CHARGE.

Once you have mastered your mind and reconnected to your emotions, you are capable of creating the life of your dreams in which you no longer need to play the victim role.

Your empowered Self is waiting for you.

In this course, you will...

  • Learn how to identify your shadows, how to face them, how to accept and integrate them

  • Remember your TRUE WORTH and feel deserving 

  • Learn tools that can help you to feel more WHOLE within

  • Connect to your emotions and surrender to feel it all 

  • Learn a lot about the different parts of yourself - about your ego, your persona, your shadow and your higher self 

  • Connect to your Higher Self and learn how to call upon it for guidance and support

  • Learn tools that can help you to support yourself through challenging times

  • Deepen your level of self-acceptance 

  • Understand your coping mechanisms, thought patterns and learned behavioral patterns that kept you stuck 

  • Replace old patterns with new healthy structures 

  • Become more sovereign and master your life autonomously 

  • Step into a more authentic embodied version of yourself



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Here's what you get


9 Modules &

16 Chapters in total

tarot_0001_element copy12.png

13 Videos

with high quality content

8. Feeling it all.jpg

3 Audio Transmissions

(Guided Shadow Integration,

Guided Meditation AND

BONUS Visualization)

5. Shadow Work Preparation.jpg

13 Workbooks with over

40 Journalling Prompts

and Tasks


Access to a private

Facebook group

to connect with like-minded people from all over the world


Recordings of our 3 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

& Q&A sessions

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1 Shadow Work

Playlist with my favorite

Music to integrate

your Shadows


BONUS: 3 Day Shadow

Work Event including

Recordings of all Calls

...AAAAND Lifetime Access to all the content in the course platform

and the private Facebook group.

It's yours forever!

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The Investment


Pay in Full

regular price €555

Payment Plans

Pay in Three
3 x €188

regular price 3 x €195

Pay in Six
6 x €88

regular price 6 x €99



I don't have time to start the course right now/I'm busy working a full time job - will I be able to do the course?
- Absolutely. If you purchase the course now, you will have instant access to all the course content and the private Facebook group. Can start the course whenever you want, go in your own pace and repeat it as often as you want.

Will I have the content forever?
- Yes! All the content is yours forever!

Do I need any experience or knowledge about shadow work to do the course?
- No, you do not. Everything is explained in detail from the beginning. You can join the course with zero knowledge or experience about shadow work. You'll learn it all here.

What happens after I've purchased the course?
- You will instantly receive an email with the sign-up information. Make sure to check your spam folder. You can sign up to the course platform right away and get access to the course content immediately. So when you purchase, you can start the course a few minutes later already!
You're going to be added to our private Facebook group where we're going to have LIVE Coaching sessions and you can connect to an amazing group of like-minded people from all over the world.

What if I cannot make it to the Facebook LIVE sessions?
Don't worry if you cannot make it to the LIVE - it will be recorded and saved in the group for you to watch later. All the LIVES will be recorded and saved so you're not going to miss any of them.

Will the course only be available in English?
Yes, the course content is available in English only - but since we are an international community, you are more than welcome to post in your language in our Facebook group and connect with other people who speak your language.

Do you offer refunds?
- No, I don't.


You're worth it!

As Carl Jung said,

"Shadow Work is the path of the heart warrior."

In the Shadow Initiation Course, we're coming together as a tribe of heart warriors, supporting each other and learning to support ourselves.

In times of great separation, now more than ever, we need to reclaim the sovereignty that is our birthright and reconnect to our hearts. 

Now more than ever, we need to embody self-compassion and compassion for one another.

You deserve to invest in your growth.

You've always been worth it - now is the time to embody this truth.