The Ultimate Growth Bundle

For the first time ever, my two signature courses

Claim your Crown and the Shadow Initiation Course are bundled up and available as self-study and self-paced courses.

Both courses are packed with infinite value all around the topic of Women's Empowerment and Personal Development.

33+ hours of video content in total.

Countless practices, tools, workbooks, exercises.

A whole library of powerful teachings + embodiment.

More about both courses:

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Claim your Crown is a transformational journey into sovereign womanhood. It's for the women who are done playing it small and who are ready to embody their most empowered selves.


The Modules:

  • Claim your Confidence

  • The Goddess Foundation

  • Feminine Embodiment

  • The Feminine Shadow

  • Inner Child + Sovereignty

  • You're Worth it!

  • Manifestation Queen

  • From Victim to Creator

  • Sexy Boundaries

What's included:

  • 9 x 2h recorded Masterclasses

  • 11 Embodiment Practices

  • 1 Powerful Workbook

  • Deeply Transformational Journalling Prompts

  • 3 Private Playlists

  • BONUS Material + Surprises

Read more about Claim your Crown here:

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The Shadow Initiation Course helps you to identify + integrate your Shadows and return to a state of inner wholeness. Shadow Work is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to reclaiming self-responsibility and self-mastery over our lives, releasing limiting beliefs and inner blockages and making peace with all the parts of ourselves, including the ones we have judged, shamed and abandoned.


The Modules:

  • What is the Shadow & How is it created?

  • Ego, Persona, Shadow & Higher Self

  • What is Shadow Work & Why should we do it?

  • Shadow Work Preparation

  • How to Identify your Shadows

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Feeling it All

  • Guided Shadow Integration, Meditation & Visualization

  • Coming back to Wholeness

Recordings of the Live Calls:

  • The Sovereign Identity Masterclass

  • Money Illuminated Masterclass

  • Self-Confidence & the Shadow

What's included:

  • 9 Modules & 16 Chapters

  • 13 Pre-Recorded Videos

  • 3 Recorded Masterclasses

  • 3 Audi Transmissions

  • 13 Workbooks

  • Over 40 Journalling Prompts & Tasks

  • Private Community Page

  • 1 Shadow Work Playlist

  • Bonus: 3 Day Shadow Work Event incl 3 Recorded Live Sessions

Read more about the Shadow Initiation Course here:

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