The Ultimate Growth Bundle

For the first time ever, my three signature courses

Claim your Crown, the Shadow Initiation Course, and the Magnetic Abundance Masterclass are bundled up and available as self-study and self-paced courses.

All three courses are packed with infinite value all around the topic of Women's Empowerment and Personal Development.

36+ hours of video content in total.

Countless practices, tools, workbooks, exercises.

A whole library of powerful teachings + embodiment.

More about the courses:

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Claim your Crown is a transformational journey into sovereign womanhood. It's for the women who are done playing it small and who are ready to embody their most empowered selves.


The Modules:

  • Claim your Confidence

  • The Goddess Foundation

  • Feminine Embodiment

  • The Feminine Shadow

  • Inner Child + Sovereignty

  • You're Worth it!

  • Manifestation Queen

  • From Victim to Creator

  • Sexy Boundaries

What's included:

  • 9 x 2h recorded Masterclasses

  • 11 Embodiment Practices

  • 1 Powerful Workbook

  • Deeply Transformational Journalling Prompts

  • 3 Private Playlists

  • BONUS Material + Surprises

Read more about Claim your Crown here:

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The Shadow Initiation Course helps you to identify + integrate your Shadows and return to a state of inner wholeness. Shadow Work is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to reclaiming self-responsibility and self-mastery over our lives, releasing limiting beliefs and inner blockages and making peace with all the parts of ourselves, including the ones we have judged, shamed and abandoned.


The Modules:

  • What is the Shadow & How is it created?

  • Ego, Persona, Shadow & Higher Self

  • What is Shadow Work & Why should we do it?

  • Shadow Work Preparation

  • How to Identify your Shadows

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Feeling it All

  • Guided Shadow Integration, Meditation & Visualization

  • Coming back to Wholeness

Recordings of the Live Calls:

  • The Sovereign Identity Masterclass

  • Money Illuminated Masterclass

  • Self-Confidence & the Shadow

What's included:

  • 9 Modules & 16 Chapters

  • 13 Pre-Recorded Videos

  • 3 Recorded Masterclasses

  • 3 Audi Transmissions

  • 13 Workbooks

  • Over 40 Journalling Prompts & Tasks

  • Private Community Page

  • 1 Shadow Work Playlist

  • Bonus: 3 Day Shadow Work Event incl 3 Recorded Live Sessions

Read more about the Shadow Initiation Course here:

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What's included:

  • 3h+ Masterclass Recording

  • High-Value Presentation with all key points outlined

  • Abundance Visualization Practice during the session

  • Take-home journalling prompts, tools and practices 

  • Lifetime access

Read more about the Magnetic Abundance Masterclass here:


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