The ultimate Self-Mastery Support System that will set the foundation for reaching your goals in 2022… with pleasure and a full cup.


- 2 full weeks of magic // Feb 6 - Feb 20 -

You desire to start your year with accountability + support.

You are dedicated to turn those epic New Year's Resolutions into reality.

You crave more pleasure, sensuality and sexy energy in your life.

You want to embody your feminine magnetism and radiance.

You are longing for permission to bring your GREATNESS, to shine bright, and to live large and in charge.

You dream of being in the energy of like-minded women doing the same work, be uplifted by them, be held by them, be inspired and empowered by them.

You understand that you become the sum total of the people you surround yourself with.

You are ready  to live inside your vision board.

You feel the call to reclaim your manifestation power and create the reality you desire - embodied in your deep feminine heart and open to receive what you envision.


step into your wild Power, Pleasure + Prosperity










Master your Mindset + Manifestations.

Reclaim your Feminine Magnetism.

Harness the Power of your Womb + Pussy.

Create your Life in Alignment with your Cycle.

Attract the Abundance you Desire.

Balance your healthy Masculine + Feminine Energy.

Dom your Reality with Pleasure + Power.

Move the Needle Forward.

Unleash your Greatness.

Open yourself up to Receive.


This is your moment…

… to become unstoppable.

… to seize the unlimited options around you.

… to train your mind and body to act upon those New Year’s Resolutions, turn them into plans and take aligned action steps.


2022. This is your year.

A clean slate. A new chance. Make it count.

What we will do inside UNTAMED


Direction + Action

strengthening our inner Masculine / YANG

  • New Year’s Resolutions

  • Setting goals: long-term + short-term

  • Strategy to move the needle forward

  • Action Steps + Plan to reach our goals

  • Self-Mastery

  • Productivity 

  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage

  • Actual Results

Creating a healthy Structure

Attraction + Satisfaction


strengthening our inner Feminine / YIN

  • Manifestation through Pleasure

  • Feminine Magnetism + Radiance

  • Womb, Pussy + Cycle - Harnessing our true Power

  • Receptivity + Prosperity

  • Creating a Vision Board

  • Sensuality + Feminine Energy 

  • Feminine Embodiment Practice

Embodying our magnetic Energy

We will learn to use our Manifestation Power from a place of healthy balance between our Feminine and Masculine Energy.

I will teach you my proven formula for setting goals and reaching them.

I will help you activate your full feminine embodiment and tap into the Energy of Abundance within that is a magnet for your desires.

We need both, the right structure and the right energy. They complement each other.

Without a proper plan, strategy and action, we cannot achieve the results we want.

Without feeling worthy and receptive to receive, we will block ourselves energetically.

The most powerful and effective way of actualizing our vision for this new year is unifying our inner Yin and Yang. That's when we embody the Harmony we desire.


What you will get inside UNTAMED

Workshop with Kris

  • Feminine Magnetism

  • Manifestation + Pleasure

  • Womb Wisdom

  • Energetics + Mindset

2 hours, February 6, 2pm CT

the Workshop will be LIVE and

you will receive the Recording

Guest Teacher Masterclass

with Nathaniel @nathaniel_solace


  • Self-Mastery

  • Productivity

  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage

  • Aligned Action

90 min, February 10, 2pm CT

the Masterclass will be LIVE and

you will receive the Recording

Guided Embodiment Session with Sommer @sommerlovenow

  • Feminine Embodiment

  • Full Body Trust + Safety

  • Confident Self-Expression

60 min, February 12, 2pm CT

the Session will be LIVE and

you will receive the Recording


Q&A Session with Kris

  • Answering all your Questions

  • Hot Seat Coaching

60 min, February 20, 2pm CT

the Session will be LIVE and

you will receive the Recording

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  • Private Facebook Group Portal of like-minded Women

  • Accountability Buddies



  • Journalling Prompts

  • Strategies

  • Goal Setting

  • Instructions


Book Recommendations

  • complementary reading material to support your journey



  • Tasks, Tools and Exercises to integrate the teachings

  • Homework to keep you on track + help you take action

Private Playlist

  • Soul Music to support your Embodiment Practices and get you into the right energy

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The Investment

What do you want?
- Reaching your goals in a balanced way.

What do you need to achieve this?
- Support + Accountability.

What is an aligned action step you can take?
- Investing in Support.
It's simple - the sooner you commit, the more you'll be rewarded. The price will rise as we are progressing with the enrollment phase.


Late Enrollment:

available until Feb 13, 1pm CT

pay in full

$444 (388€)


two payments

$244 (213€)

2022... what if you actually committed?


What if you committed to doing things differently this year?
What would happen if you turned your visions into plans, took consistent aligned action and believed in yourself fully?
Exactly. You'd be holding your dreams in your hands in no time.

Another important Question I would love for you to reflect on is...
What if nothing is going to change?
What if the dream remains the dream?
What if no action follows?
What if you keep watching others going after what they want but you don't do it yourself?

So the real question is:
What is the cost of not committing to yourself?

A commitment to ourselves always comes with a built-in high Return of Investment:
Building Self-Trust by trusting our intuition and what we feel drawn to. Expanding our capacity to receive from life, allowing ourselves to be supported and drop deeper into our feminine magnetism - feeling nourished, open and having a full cup;
connected to our emotions, our heart's deepest yearning and our untamed nature.

We want to do life from this state of being.

We deserve to do life from this state of being.

You're invited to commit to yourself fully in 2022. This is your permission slip to say a FULL BODY YES to yourself.

Treat Yourself!